Top job perks to attract great candidates when recruiting…

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Understanding the motivational drivers for candidates is crucial when planning your recruitment process. Busy Bee Recruitment suggests a couple of the top job perks that could be offered:

Office perks and holiday allowance

From office dogs to Football tables and extended holiday allowances, businesses are pulling out all the stops to retain current staff and appeal to millennials/potential candidates. In recent years, it has been shown that four in five employees would prefer better benefits and perks in the workplace rather than a pay rise.

Companies across the globe are offering free food to a day off on your birthday! More than a third of employees admit that perks are amongst their top consideration prior to accepting a role.

The best perks being offered by companies included an all expenses paid holiday for the whole team from Transferwise; a £5000 joining bonus offered by Huddle, a software firm; and a £1413 travel allowance offered by Airbnb.

It is clear that having interesting and unique benefit packages impacts how many applicants you receive. But what are the main benefits that appeal the most to candidates?

Flexible Working

This is top priority on a candidate’s wish list for their next job. In fact, in recent studies conducted by Fractl it has been proven that 88% of candidates claim they would choose a job with flexible hours and a lower salary.

Having the freedom to manage your time independently isn’t just a massive pull for candidates either, as it can work out cost effective for businesses. Also, flexible working structures could encourage employees to manage their own time more effectively and work around commitments.

Another huge bonus is that having flexible working on your job adverts encourages those that have taken time out of their career on leave and looking to return. This means that those of higher talent are more likely to apply due to the flexible working hours.

Work from Home Options

Similarly, candidates are beginning to expect a certain level of flexibility. This benefit would be dependent upon completion of their work on time and using their time effectively.

Furthermore, home working options also boost employee morale: 93% of candidates say it would make them feel trusted and valued by the company and some say that they would happily take a substantial pay cut for this benefit.

Career Development

Having the confidence to jump ship from their current role can be difficult. Candidates need reassurance that a move is going to be a good investment. Personal development opportunities are the best way to convince them.

Furthermore, by offering structured personal development or recognised training, make this clear within your job advert. This will certainly catch the eye of some great candidates.

Employee benefits are just one part of the perfect job ad formula! For more advice about recruitment and hiring, get in touch with our team.

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