Event Testimonials

Here is a selection of comments from attendees about some of Cambridge Network's events... If you like what you read and would like to find out more please click here to view the current listings.


Breakfast Networking & Workshops

Content What? An introduction to content marketing. Mike Sewell, CPL

An introduction to Chinese digital media. Jiao Li, Crayfish                     

Recruiting and retaining staff in the face of Brexit. Clare Hedges, Birketts

From ugly ducking to beautiful swan. Rick Harris, Customer Faithful

From Recruiting and retaining staff in the face of Brexit, end Feb 2019

"Excellent, great speaker and content."

"Very good speaker, knowledgeable, well delivered, approachable"

From How to conquer the Chinese digital landscape, end Feb 2019

"Fantastic coverage of a lot of material in such a short time. Very clear, informative graphs."  eLife

"Absolutely brilliant. Learnt more in 45 mins about China/digital world than my entire working life!" Rebecca Orde

From 'Content what? An introduction to content marketing', end Jan 2019

"Brilliant topic - very accessible and engaging. Positive atmosphere and very network. Speaker was very genuine with more focus on content than sales." Whitehill Pelham

"A really good opportunity to network with like-minded professionals and hear from an expert on the topic presented."  Worldpay

From 'From ugly duckling to beautiful swan' (AI in comments boxes) event, Jan 2019

"Thought provoking and informative. Great prompt to look at how we plan, run, analyse and survey.."  arm

"Excellent informed talk. Well structured, audience seemed really engaged.!"  Independent writer/Researcher


Making the Most of Membership: February 2019

"Very clear and efficient introduction for a new member – made very good sense."  
Andrew Thomson - Excellence First Enterprise Consultancy

“Great overview of service and good to meet others too.”Keith Clarke - Innovator Consulting

"Great to develop your business and meet others in a dynamic environment.
Jo Balfour - Cambridge Rare Disease Network


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